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"The workshop with Til was inspirational and motivating. It gave me confidence and enthusiasm for further pursuing my career as a massage teacher."

--Pablo Piekar,
Esalen Massage Crew member

Global links and resources for bodywork professionals

Many of you are trying to live a life of depth and clarity, and are doing your best to heal others' lives along the way. Please contact us if you have a suggestion for this list.

Consulting, Supervision, and Study Groups:

We are continually forming both real life and online study groups to assist you in the process of your own advanced trainings. To find out more and speak with one of the staff about the most helpful combination for your situation, please contact us today!

Body Centered Therapy Articles and Interviews:

Contraindications to Deep Bodywork

A very important work for bodywork professionals highlighting some of the areas of therapy which are proving more successful than others, and also areas which require an extra sense of care and precautionary measures. To read this report, click here now.

The Ethics of Touch

Lael Keen, an Advanced Rolfing practitioner and instructor, addresses the underlying set of attitudes, conscious or unconscious, that inform the way we touch. She discusses how to put our touch at the service of the client's self-regulating core, and to become the willing aids of the body's deepest wisdom. To read this thought-provoking article, click here now.

The Dreaming Body:
An Interview with Julie Diamond, Ph.D. (Part I)

This facsinating interview was originally published in Rolf Lines, the professional journal of the Rolf Institute. Julie Diamond worked together with analyst/physicist Arnold Mindell (author of Working with the Dreaming Body, The Shaman's Body, Sitting in the Fire, etc.) as one of the original founders of Process Work (or Process Oriented Psychology). In this interview, which is the first part of a longer conversation that took place on January 3rd 1999, Julie talks with Til Luchau about some of the basic ideas behind Process Work, and gives examples of how they might be applied to working with physical symptoms or posture issues. To read this interview, click here now.

Rolfing, Welfare Reform, Addictions, and Change:
An Interview with Julie Diamond, Ph.D. (Part II)

In recent years, the writings of Arnold Mindell (such as The Leader as Martial Artist, The Shaman's Body, Sitting in the Fire, etc.) have generated considerable interest in fields as diverse as organizational development and shamanism. Mindell's original work was with body symptoms and dreaming, as detailed in books such as Working with the Dreaming Body and Coma: A Key to Awakening. In this, the second part of an interview conducted on January 3rd 1999, Julie Diamond (a senior teacher of Arnold Mindell's Process Work) talks with Til Luchau about several topics that will be very interesting to practitioners who work with the body. To read this interview, click here now.

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Information Sources

 Information about Rolfing® - Information about Rolfing® for practitioners and clients - Robert Schleip's rich resource site for body therapy practitioners and clients

 Link Exchange Page - Links from reciprocating organizations.

Schools & Centers

 The Rolf Institute® -The Rolf Institute (Boulder, CO)

 Esalen Institute - Esalen Institute (Big Sur, CA)

 European Rolfing Association - European Rolfing Association

 East -West College of the Healing Arts - East-West College of the Healing Arts (Portland, OR)

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Continuing Education Credits:

Many of the advanced trainings and events offered do qualify for continuing education credits. We also can prepare a custom course offering for your school or location. For more information on these opportunities, please contact us today!

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Practitioners and Participants Directory:

Thousands of practitioners and professionals on five continents have taken part in our trainings. Use our Advanced Myofascial Techniques Practitioner's Directory to find practitioners in your area. Click here to see the current directory, and come back to this site often as we update these resources. To be sure that you don't miss anything, take just a moment now and subscribe to our free newsletter, and we'll keep you posted. Thanks!

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